HuTag Silicone Swim hat

Great quality silicone black HuTag swim hat featuring the HuTag logo
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Great quality silicone black HuTag swim hat featuring the HuTag logo 

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BOBi swim tow float + CASi Phone Case

BOBi is an inflatable floating bag that can be worn around the waist and towed just behind you when you swim. It has two separate inflatable chambers and inflation is via two robust easy to use valves. Deflation is rapid BOBi has two soft webbing handles for easy handling which won't hurt you if she gets playful in the wind and accidentally hits you.
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CASi roll top sports phone case

CASi is a roll top phone case designed to help protect your phone during watersports activities. CASi features: - Three airtight closures to act as a water barrier - Roll top with a simple velcro strip that's easy to use when your hands are cold - Transparent front and back to permit use of screen and camera - Touch screen will work (when dry) through the case - Fits most standard sized smart phones: iPhone etc... - long lanyard to secure to a bag, or wear
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Backpack Straps for BOBi towfloats works with others too.

Padded clip on backpack straps with chest straps and low impact branding. Use with most towfloats to convert your fun floaty friend (e.g. BOBi) into a fun backpack friend. FUN is optional but recommended, but optional :-)
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Towfloat Belt / Swim Run Belt

An adjustable 25mm webbing belt with an adjustable leash suitable for use with most towfloats as a replacement for a lost belt. It would also be used for swim running to attach useful kit including a team link-rope to aid swimming
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