Backpack Straps for BOBi towfloats works with others too.

Padded clip on backpack straps with chest straps and low impact branding. Use with most towfloats to convert your fun floaty friend (e.g. BOBi) into a fun backpack friend. FUN is optional but recommended, but optional :-)
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Optional add on to BOBi (v2) towfloats.


  • Clip on attachment via four anchor points 
  • Adjustable padded shoulder straps
  • Adjustable chest strap
  • Low impact branding



Yes! These backpack straps will work with BOBi v1 or BOBi v2. 

  • BOBi v1 - attach the bottom of the straps to the leash karabiner
  • BOBi v2 - as above or attach the bottom of the straps to the (new) karabiners on the front of BOBi below the main logo area.


Pretty much. If your towfloat has any sort of anchor points at the roll top end then the top of the straps can attach here with the bottom of the straps attaching at the leash end.

Compatible with LOMO, ULU, ZONE3, Swim Secure and many other towfloats with these attachment points:

Top Anchor Point

Top anchor point

Leash or Bottom Anchor Point 

Leash/bottom anchor point


Some photos show the backpack straps attached to a BOBi towfloat. Backpack straps are sold separately from BOBi and the BOBi towfloat is not included in the price here. See Bundles for grouped product offers

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